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Reading Response

1. Do you have to be able to sit on a “chair” for it to be considered a chair?  Is a broken chair not a chair anymore?  This stuff makes my head hurt.  If you have to meet the requirement of the definition, then only the wooden chair is a chair, because the definition and photograph do not have four legs and a back to support one person.  A horse has four legs and a back and I can sit on it – is a horse a chair?  What about a tiny doll’s chair?  Technically I could sit on it but it would not support me.  All “chairs”, whether actual physical items, or any artists’ versions (photograph, painting, sculpture…), or the idea of a chair in the form of a definition are all chairs.  And because the definition of a chair can spark different ideas for each person, there are an infinite number of chairs in Kosuth’s artwork.

2. I think that Plato would say that the definition is the real chair.  It represents the original idea, and is closest to the “one existing in nature, which is made by God.”  Only the idea is pure.  And because “no artificer makes the ideas themselves”, he believes all makers are imitators; anyone can make any version and still fit the idea.  So the carpenter who made the chair made “only some semblance of existance.”  Because there can be an infinite number of versions, Plato believes that none of them are truly real.  And the photographer is just imitating the imitation of the definition, just like the “painter…. a creator of appearances.”


Home Schooling

            I have been home schooled ever since kindergarten.  I have three brothers(one older and two younger) and one little sister.  Though my older brother is now in college, he was home schooled through graduation.  It will most likely be the same for all of my other siblings too.  My mother asked  me if I wanted to go to public school when I started highschool, but by then I was comfortable with my life the way it was.  My family is part of the home schooling group in Onondaga county.  This group has meetings, puts on field trips, and plans social activities. There is also a theater group with which I have done many plays, and there is a co-op on Mondays at a church in Liverpool where they offer different classes, from science and foreign language to cooking. I am taking the Spanish class now.  I have made many friends in this group and always have a good time there.  Plus I take ballet lessons and do other group activities. Because of all of this I do not feel like I miss out on anything just because I do not go to public school.  I do have some friends who go to public school and they say that there things they like and thing that they could do without, but I like being able to do my work on my own time.  When a new person finds out that I am home schooled they always ask  the same questions like,”Do you get to wear your pajamas every day?” and,”Does your mom teach you?” or,”Do you get to sleep in every morning?”.  This can be very annoying sometimes, but it can be interesting to hear their answers which range from,”You are so lucky,” to,”I would hate to be home schooled.”  Now it is true that I sometimes sleep in late and wear my pajamas all day,  but that is only because my mom lets me.  I know other home schoolers that have to get up and get dressed every morning so they can be on a schedule.  It all depends on how your family decides to do it. Another question that I get asked very frequently is,”Do you have to do homework?”. The answer to that one is that I do not have to do homework for my regular subjects if I finish it all during the day. The co-op classes that I mentioned earlier however, do require you to do some homework. But considering we only meet once a week, the homework is very little. But we do school work pretty much year round, and we do not get snow days. But we do get “sun” days – maybe its a really nice day or we just don’t feel like working so we don’t. In the end, I have to make sure all of my work is done, just like any other student. There are some home schoolers who choose not to participate in many outside activities. People home school for different reasons. For the most part, it is a good option for me.

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