Last night I went to a masquerade party at a youth group.  The youth group is called Noise.  It happens at a church in Liverpool; it is not my church but all of my friends go there and the youth group is open to anyone.  Some people brought masks, and others just came as they were.  For those who didn’t bring masks, there was a box of Mardi Gras masks with feathers and sequins.  We played games that involved masks, like Pin the Mask  on the Face( basically Pin the Tail on the Donkey only with paper masks and an outline of a human), Blind Man’s Bluff, and a game where you had to guess who was behind the mask.  It all made me think of the cover/cover project we are doing in class with our sketch books.  How you had said that some people had just made masks on their sketch books before, and a mask is like a cover.  We were talking about that in the beginning of Noise, how some people wear masks all the time and pretend to be who they are not.  For example, false identities.  A lot of people use fake identities to get into bars and clubs, and some people live under false identities full-time for many different reasons.  Can you imagine giving up your entire identity to go into the witness protection program?  Sometimes kids and teenagers and even adults wear “masks” around friends, family, or people they do not like.  They may feel like they need to be someone else for people to like them.  Or it may make someone feel safe.  And of course people wear different masks with different people or in different situations.  It makes you wonder, am I wearing a mask?  Maybe I am wearing one without even knowing it.  Is this who I really am?  It is weird how unsure of yourself you can be sometimes.  People always wear masks when they want to cover something.  Like how we are trying to cover up the fact that our sketch books are sketch books.  Or like in Phantom of the Opera where the phantom wears a mask to cover his scar.  Everybody probably has something to hide, so are we all wearing masks?  Whenever you lie, it is like putting on a mask, but you can only wear so many masks.  Some masks are good.  You can wear masks for protection during a sports game.  Masks can be fun –  you could wear a mask as a part of a costume on Halloween.  Or even during a play.  Wearing a mask can give you confidence, but you don’t want it to give you false confidence or the confidence to do something wrong’ like commit a crime.  I guess if you are wearing a mask, real or imaginary, it is important to realize it and understand why.  And maybe it’s time to take it off!


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