As long as I can remember my family has always had pets. We used to have two female Siamese cats. My parents owned them before I was born so they were older cats. One of the cats was nervous around people. She always hid when anyone came to the house. The other cat was kind of grumpy and irritable. If you tried to pet her and she was not in the mood she would nip you. They both looked almost identical except one of them had a tail with a white tip. Neither of them were related to each other, but they were very close. The two of them slept in a ball so you could hardly tell where one cat ended and the other began.  I think cats are great company.  I know some people do not like them.  They think cats are too stuck up or kind of creepy.  I think they are funny characters and each have such different personalities.  Even though cats are pretty independent, my cats preferred to be in a room with other people in it.  The Siamese cats were snuggly and liked to sit on your lap.  And they seemed to know when you were upset and wanted to comfort you.  Cats are demanding in a funny way.  When you are playing a game they come lie on the board, or sit next to it and knock pieces over with their tail.  Or when you are reading they come between you and the book just to get attention.  They can be annoying but mostly they cheer me up.  My cats lived to be something like 17 years old and they passed away about the same time.  We also had a husky dog around that time.  We got her at the  veterinarian’s where someone who bred sled dogs brought her to be put down because she broke her hip.  She wasn’t even one year old yet.  She was a great dog.  People were afraid of her because they thought she looked like a wolf but she was really a big baby.  Once we took her on a trip to my aunt’s house.  She was very old and gray then, and with her bad hip mostly hobbled around.  She got loose and limped down the road to the local school.  When we finally found her she was being circled by security guards who were sure she was a wolf.  My dad had to tell them she was just our dog.  When she was younger, she was super fast.  We have a big fenced in yard and she would just race around at top speed.  When we were little we used to try to get her to pull us on a sled but we weren’t very successful.  She loved being outside, even in cold weather, and would sleep right on top of the snow in the sun.  She lived to be 14 years old, which is really old for a big dog.  It was a very sad day for my family when she died.  After a short break, we got another cat.  He was a cute little kitten and is very playful, even today.  He is black and white with a little black moustache right under his nose.  He’s not the cuddly type, but is very good to us.  One day we were taking him to the Vet’s for his shots and sitting behind the counter was an older golden retriever all taped up around her back.  It turns out she was found on the side of the road with her back cut open.  The Vet sewed her up and was hoping to find her a home.  My family felt so sorry for her, a week later we decided to adopt her.  This was only a few months ago, but it feels like we have had her for a lifetime.  She is such a sweet dog and she does not cause any trouble.  She eats quite a bit though!  As you can tell, I like animals and think they make good family members.

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