A brain might be an interesting possibility. It might be a representation of our intelligence. Plus it is mysterious because there is so much about the brain that nobody understands, like how it works and controls everything and which areas do what.

To me, cows represent your average, everyday person. They are kind and gentle, very useful, and seem so peaceful. People can pretend to be whatever they want, but often we just plod along like cows.

I think a sunny side up egg would sort of just look cool! There is something about it that just feels happy and wholesome and kind of old-fashioned.

Umbrellas are common all around the world, yet they come in so many varieties. A person’s umbrella can make a statement about that person. It is used on rainy days and sunny days. The umbrella can provide protection or disguise, or just fashion fun.

I think a traffic light would make a cool amalgamation not only because the bright colors would stand out, but because the concepts of stop and go have much deeper meanings. And what about slow down? Traffic lights spend the least amount of time on yellow. To some people yellow means speed up to make the light. So I guess 100 yellow traffic lights could represent slow down and enjoy life.


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