If I had to pick one thing about school that I do not really like it would be writing.  Not writing my name or a few sentences, or little things like that, but writing papers and essays and reports and things like this.   I really have to be in the mood for writing and that happens ummm… well, it never happens.  First you have to pick a topic that is interesting and easy to write about.  But I think that is one of the harder parts.  I want it to be about something that interests me, but I can never seem to get enough information about what I like.  At this point it has been a week and I have not even started to write.  And of course I would like it to be about something that other people would want to read about (which I have no ideas about).  After I finally decide on a topic, usually because I have run out of time, I have to write the first draft.  A good writer is supposed to write three to four drafts, but I am lucky if I end up with two.  I don’t want to have to copy anything over more than I have to, and by that time I am tired of reading whatever I wrote about.  I really am not the kind of person who can keep writing no matter how many mistakes I make.  I get very picky on even the first draft.  Like now as I am typing this, every time I make a mistake I have to go back and fix it instead of letting the spell check do it or fixing it later.  I know you are just supposed to let ideas fly, but it goes very slowly for me.  I do not think I would make a very good author.  I  like to have someone else look at my writing when I am done (or think I’m done) because they always find things (sometimes obvious things) that I can’t believe I missed.  Then comes the typing part, which I am pretty slow at doing, so I don’t think I would make a very good secretary either.  This whole process usually takes two to three weeks.  I find it hard to get motivated sometimes because I do not really have a deadline.  I think that part of the reason that I do not like writing is because I don’t do it enough.  I am usually only required to write one big paper a year, along with a few essays every once in a while.  I feel really great about myself when I write something good.  I would probably enjoy writing  more if I felt I were better at it.  But I cannot get better without doing it more often. So probably  writing these memos every week will be really good for me, even though I will continue to complain about them!  So who knows, maybe I will like writing better at the end of this semester. I doubt it, but you never know.

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  1. Thomas Said:

    Even good writers find writing really really hard to do. Learning how to write is one of the most important things to learn no matter what field you end up working in because it is learning how to communicate your ideas effectively. If you cannot share your ideas and make the vivid to other people, then you’ll miss out on many opportunities to realize interesting ideas.

    Writing is, I think, about clarifying your own ideas. One great writer, I forget who, said “how can I know what I think until I see what I write?” I think this is true. When we get an idea it is a kind of pre-verbal thing. You need to sketch it out, either in drawings or in words before you know what it is you are dealing with. And the act of writing helps bring the idea into being, it alters it.

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