The Little Green Monster

So this “little green monster” comes up to a woman’s house all the way from deep in the ground just to proclaim his love for her.  I think it is kind of sweet.  I mean sure he has no manners and he looks funny, but is that really any reason for the woman to think such horrible thoughts.  I know the woman was married and she was just scared at first, but I think she went too far.  He was called the monster in the story, but I think the woman was the real monster.  The author might have been trying to say something about not judging someone or something by its looks.  The woman considered for a moment that on the inside the monster had a soft heart, but then she just used it as his weakness in order to destroy him. 

It is interesting to think where this story came from.  The woman had a relationship with the oak tree.  “It was my special favorite.  I had planted it when I was a little girl, and watched it grow.  I thought of it as my old friend.  I talked to it all the time in my head.”  It felt like maybe it was the soul of her oak tree coming up from the ground.  He professed his love to her because he thought that she loved him.  She is the one who gave him life.  He really could always read her thoughts, similar to when people talk to an inanimate object just knowing it will understand them.  And when she thought all of those cruel things about him he faded away, crushed. 

This story says a lot about human nature.  Like the way we unnecessarily hurt each other, even with our thoughts.  Once you think something about someone you cannot erase it from your memory.  It always stays there in the back of your mind and affects our actions.  Really our first thoughts on somethings are usually very far off from the truth.


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