Greed is a funny thing.  It can be kind of fun until you realize who you could be hurting.  Most of the time it is yourself.  I think greed is more of a personal thing.  I mean, everybody wants things, but greed is shown in your actions.  You could want everything in the world, but as long as you are not constantly asking for things or complaining that you do not have anything you are only greedy in your mind.  So maybe everybody has some degree of greed, but only some people are decent enough not to show it or let it rule or ruin them. 

  I know I feel greedy sometimes.  However, I do not feel like I am a greedy person.  If I see something I want, I usually do not even tell anyone.  For example, at Christmas time when someone asks me what I want I usually say,”Oh, I don’t know,” or something like that.  But in my head I am screaming I really, really want this cute hat I saw H&M the other day but I can’t tell you because I don’t want to seem greedy.

  If you had everything in the world, but you did not ask for it, and you were not going to ask for more, would you be greedy?  I sure do not think so.  Some people might think you were because why else would you have all that stuff in the first place.  But I would bet that if they got to know you, you would not seem greedy to them anymore.  I once saw a movie called “Greed.”  It was really funny.  It is an older movie  with Michael J. Fox.  It was about this really old, really rich man and his greedy relatives.  The old man was pretty tricky, so he came up with this crazy plan to see who in his family actually cared about him and not just his money.  He ended up pretending to be broke to see who stayed behind to help him in his last few years, which was Michael J. Fox of course.  All the relatives acted horribly and put up with horrible things just to try to get the money.  It just goes to show that greed does awful things to people.  It is probably the easiest emotion to get without realizing it.  It is almost like a disease, and the only way to survive it is to realize you have it.  It certainly is hard to look around and see things that other people have that you want.  And I’m talking about the extra unnecessary things, the people who have a lot and still want more.  I’m not talking about someone who wants and can’t afford the basic necessities and comforts that everyone should have.


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