My Big Family

I come from a very big family.  I have three brothers and a little sister.  I have always found it nice though. It can definitely be very frustrating at times, but over all it is fun.  My older brother can be very weird sometimes, but he is good for help with my homework and stuff.  We hang out and get along pretty well, and have some friends in common.  My other two brothers are younger than me, and they can be very annoying.  They are about five years apart, and you look at them one minute and they are best friends,  then you turn around for two seconds and they are fighting again.  But they are always willing to play a game or watch a movie with you.  I finally got my younger sister after eleven years of being the only girl.  Most of the time she is cute, but she can be a tattle tale and is kind of spoiled.  She loves to read books with me and play school and she loves to play with my old dolls and she really looks up to me.  So that’s kind of nice.  Basically  there is somebody around all the time to hang out with or play a game with or even just someone to complain to.  A neighbor of ours is an only child and he comes over every day to play.   I guess I don’t have to worry about being bored or lonely with so many siblings.

Now that is just my immediate family.  My mom has two sisters, and my dad has two brothers, and each of them are married with two or three kids each.   My cousins are all very cool.  My one cousin and I are really close, but unfortunately she lives in North Carolina and we do not see each other as often as we would like.  You can probably imagine what that twelve-hour car ride is like when we do visit.  Let’s just say we are all pretty happy when that’s over!  My dads two brothers live in Washington State, so we do not get to see them that often either.  I do still have one aunt in the area though, but her kids are all grown up.

As for grandparents I have a grandma in Florida,and a grandfather and two more grandmothers here in New York.  Family reunions do not happen very often in my family.  It would be impossible to find a time when even half of my family can come.  But I get to see the whole family in pieces at a time at least once or twice a year.  I really look forward to the visits.  So although it is big and crazy, I love being in a big family.


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