My brother is taking me horse back riding this weekend. I am really looking forward to it. He is part of the outing club at Le Moyne College where he attends school, and he took me last year too. It was my very first time last year and it felt really good to sit on the back of the horse. It makes you feel so tall when you are up there. It is also kind of scary though; I mean you would not want to be thrown off the horse’s back if your horse suddenly went wild. Of course at these horse riding places the horses are pretty tame. If you have never gone horse back riding before, I highly suggest it. It was just last fall that my brother and I went riding. I think my horse’s name was Big Jack. And he was big, let me tell you. He was also very beautiful, kind of  reddish-brown with gentle eyes. We went on this long trail and circled back around to the little western town where they kept all of the horses and stuff. And when I say little, I actually mean little. It was a miniature town that they had set up just for show. The trail was really pretty long. But since it was fall, everything was extremely muddy and judging by how the weather has been lately, it will probably be very muddy again this weekend. Not to mention cold! It was really very funny though, because we had this long line of horses just walking along, following each other, and every thirty seconds one horse would stop and use the bathroom or eat some weeds and the whole train would stop because we were not allowed to let the horses pass each other or else they might kick each other. For the most part they were very well-behaved though. There were probably only one or two that did not always listen to you. I had never really been that fond of horses. Mostly because I have never really been around horses or had anything to do with them. But riding on them is so much fun. I have a friend who loves horses. I guess she just thinks they are really pretty. I do not think she has actually ever ridden one before though. I have another friend whose little sister takes riding lessons and rides in shows. I don’t think I would want to compete like that. But I do like horses now, they really are amazing animals; smelly, but still amazing.


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