It seems like I have been dancing for my whole life. I have probably been dancing since I was four or five years old, which is almost my whole life (it definitely keeps me busy). My mom said that I started dancing at an after school program through the town. I started to go to an actual dance studio when I decided that I liked dancing. I tried ballet, jazz, and tap. I stayed there for a year or two, but it was a competition dance studio, and that was not what I was looking to do. There were probably one or two dance studios that I went to before I found one that I liked. I went to this dance studio for around seven years. I stayed with ballet and jazz, but this studio did not offer tap, which I enjoy, so I had to find that elsewhere. I never wanted to do hip hop-that is not really my style. I had a few good friends in my class but after my fourth year there, all three of them quit at the same time, and I became a little bit of a loner. I never really became close with the other girls-they all had their own groups and were not overly friendly. I liked the teacher, but she could be quite strict. Plus the classes were too big. So this year I finally switched to a new studio. I am very happy there so far; there are smaller classes, friendly girls, and nice teachers. The schedule is about the same, I dance five days a week which adds up to about thirteen hours of dancing each week. It takes up most of my free time, but I really do love it. I now do ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. My favorite is probably tap, but ballet is a close second. I do not know if it is something I want to continue in college or anything. I definitely do it  just for fun. But after I graduate from highschool it will be weird not dancing all the time. I know I will be busy with college and new activities, but it just will not be the same. Dance has been such a big part of my life.


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